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"As our parents age and acquire significant signs of aging, the greatest way to honor them is to help them make decisions to keep them safe, healthy and engaged in life. It is not uncommon to have mixed feelings about the shift of one's responsibility as a child who has always respected their parent's leadership. Having traveled that path of being my parent's parent, and having learned from my mistakes, I have been able to assist families in successfully transitioning to a better place."

I'm Jim, I'm here to help

Jim Humphrey, owner of Encore Senior Resources, entered the senior living industry after managing his mother’s care from assisted living to dementia. During this journey, he learned about the aging process and the professionals who passionately care for those with age-related memory issues. 

Jim Humphrey

After spending 20 years working in professional theatre in NYC, Drew now lends his talents to learning a new story - his client's.  Every story has a need, a hope, and an obstacle, and he is dedicated to help everyone find their way to their own happy conclusion.  Solutions are always found through teamwork and communication, and Drew is excited to join your team! 

Drew Humphrey

I'm Drew - Let's find the answer!

We Provide

  • FAMILY COACHING - to assist in the understanding of what “ready” looks like.

  • GUIDANCE - to other resources to help with financial assistance, legal concerns, or other services relating to moving someone from home to a care community. 

  • SUGGESTIONS - for intermediate care when skilled nursing is recommended prior to admission to long-term care.

  • RECOMMENDATIONS - for in-home care when that is the best option. 

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