Let Us Help

When staying at home is no longer an option, we help find senior living solutions.

ENCORE SENIOR RESOURCES helps you find the best place for your aging loved one.  Considering their unique needs and financial limitations, we only recommend licensed, highly rated independent living, assisted living, memory care communities and senior care homes in Tucson and Southern Arizona. We advocate for you and your loved ones to make this transition as smooth as possible.  Let our expertise save you hours of stress and uncertainty,


How We Help

We help you find the right place for your loved one, because researching options is a daunting task to manage on your own.

We listen to you and your loved one's needs, and present you with the best options available. Considering location, accessibility, interests, unique medical needs, and financial abilities, we are beside you through every step of the process, ensuring that their next home is the right home.

We have a network of pre-screened assisted living communities and senior care homes that meet our high standards of care. We continually maintain an active presence with them, keeping track of changes in staff, management, quality, availability, amenities, and rates.


During a crisis situation, families often need to find alternative senior living solutions in a hurry . We are here to help you through this journey and to minimize the stress and chaos these transitions can bring.  

Transitioning to senior care is about improving or sustaining a high quality of life - not just selecting an apartment.


Knowing Your Options

Understanding levels of Care





It is always prudent to consult with a physician when determining the appropriate level of care. Additionally, senior care facilities will perform their own assessment to determine how they can best care for your loved one.



A wide spectrum of living options and amenities geared toward the self-sufficient senior looking for more structure and safety in a community.  Often provides meals, activities, housekeeping and extra luxury services based on the individual


A wide variety of housing options that provide necessary support to perform daily activities, such as dressing, bathing, toileting, mobility, and housekeeping, These providers develop care plans that meet the resident's needs, providing a consistency of care.



Specialized housing that provides maximum support for those experiencing memory loss and levels of confusion that have been diagnosed as unsafe if they are left alone.  These residents are safest in environments that address their ability to process activities and minimize confusion, 



Some Memory Care Providers are able to care for unique forms of dementia that cause individuals to cause harm to themselves or others. This may be exhibited in "exit seeking" (actively trying to escape), striking out physically at others, or being overly disruptive and inappropriate. A higher level of care is provided to help minimize conflicts and the need to be admitted to a more clinical institution. 



"Jim asked all the right questions. I can't thank him enough for finding the perfect fit for my mom, and making the process smooth and seamless."

Mary A.

“Pleasant, helpful, flexible. His agenda was finding the right fit, nothing more.”

Mike S.

“Jim helped us at a very difficult time. I have already recommended him to others”

Julie M.